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Over the years we have often helped to find homes for pets and periodically we have taken cats from the Associated Humane Society for adoption.  Several years ago we had the idea to try to broaden our scope within the community.


We started with the Guinness and Noodle Fund.  Guinness was a three year old Bull Mastiff who had been surrendered by his owners because he required expensive orthopedic surgery. Noodle, a Pit Bull, was brought to the Associated Humane Society after being found abandoned, emaciated and a victim of abuse.


We were able to find a surgeon to do the procedure on Guinness at a reduced rate, and were able to fund it with donations. We held raffles and a fourth grade class from Matawan who heard about Guinness set up a fund drive for him. Noodle, after medical treatment and rehabilitation, went from 30 pounds to 80 pounds in less than a year. Both these dogs now live in happy and loving homes.


We were able to work directly with a local shelter aided by funds we raised through pictures with Santa, more raffles, and donation jars at our front desk.


One of the most important things we did was to set up a volunteer program at the Associated Humane Society which allows the caged dogs a time to get out, walk and socialize. This reduces their stress and makes them more adoptable. The volunteers also interact with the cats, giving them much needed love and attention. This program is now under the supervision ofLori Lane, working directly with the Associated Humane Society.


In 2010 these projects evolved into a formal 501-3C non-profit organization: The Little Silver Animal Hospital Foundation for Animals.

In 2011 our first big fundraising event was sponsoring Bark in the Park at the Lakewood Blue Claws Stadium. Volunteers also worked the concession stands later in the summer.


We decided to commit ourselves to animals in need, working through rescue groups, shelters and individuals rather than focusing on just one organization.  We look forward to expanding our reach to help more pets in need in our area.


What we have done so far:

  • Created the Guinness and Noodle Fund
  • Funded life-saving heart surgery for Simba the kitten
  • For the Associated Humane Society we purchased a snowplow,  kennel and cat beds for the entire facility, a dishwasher, a washing machine, cat and dog toys for the entire facility, an 8’ x 5’ white board to track the health, temperament and needs of the dogs.  We also placed over one hundred cockatiels, parakeets and love birds, purchased cages and dog runs and enclosure fencing to expand outdoor time for the dogs.
  • Purchased medications for Broken Promises, a pet and farm animal refuge in Howell.
  • Partially funded orthopedic surgery for a rescued beagle with a severely fractured leg.
  • Work with the Purr and Pooch Foundation to socialize, train and care for Aiden, a feral dog found living in the wild.
  • Purchased a snowplow and enclosure for Rescue Ridge to facilitate access to their farm and provide outdoor time for their cats.
  • Placed over 30 cats in good homes, after a full health care evaluation, including blood testing, stool testing, spaying or neutering and all vaccinations.