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Whiskers, Wags & Wine

Posted on February 1, 2017

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Whiskers, Wags and Wine 2013

Posted on January 30, 2014

Our first major charity event, Whiskers, Wags and Wine, held on April 9th 2013, was a great success, with over three hundred attendees and a great atmosphere of fun and excitement, we were able to raise over and over $22,000, allowing us to fulfill most of the wish lists of all eight participating rescue groups and shelters.

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Posted on April 23, 2012

The LSAH Foundation for Animals fundraisers continue with raffles at the hospital.  Clients have donated amazing items such as gift baskets, bicycles, and an electric car.  These raffles allow us to promote the LSAH Foundation for Animals in the hospital and through Facebook.

Rescue Ridge

Posted on April 23, 2012

To continue our work in saving animals from euthanasia, we are now lending our support to Rescue Ridge.  This organization pulls pets marked for euthanasia from the Humane Society.  We recently purchased a dog run and a snow blower for them.

Purr ‘N Pooch

Posted on April 23, 2012

Recently, We met with the head of the Purr ‘N Pooch Foundation and we decided to coordinate funds and events. Our mutual goal for this next year is to create a second chance program.

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